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What is BodyMind Coaching Anyway?

Watch the video to learn more! 

Something Laurie has learned over these past 5+ years of experience is that pain has BOTH a physical AND an emotional component!! Emotions and how you feel get trapped in your muscles, in your tissues and even in your posture and how you carry yourself. You carry this stress and burden with you through your everyday life as you perform the necessary tasks and duties that are required of you. This can feel heavy, exhausting, even draining.

It holds you back from being your best self. Your most patient self. Your joyful self.

What if feeling stressed out, exhausted, drained, depleted or just feeling like something is missing in your life, what if these feelings are really your body’s way of communicating with you!! 

What if the pain/stress is a language that your body SPEAKS TO YOU through and not something you try to manage, deal with or get rid of?? What is your pain trying to tell you? Is it asking you to slow down? Is it asking you “why are you feeding me this food, it doesn’t have the nutrients I need to work efficiently.” Is it saying” I’m tired, I need to take a break and recharge?” 


You only get this 1 body and how you treat it now will impact you forever!!

You giving doesn't have to come at the cost of your health and well being!! In fact, your health and well being are what needs to come FIRST so that you can have both!!

To ensure that I am giving you the highest level of support, I do limit the number of people that I work with. Click here to select the Connection Call appointment so we can see if we are a perfect fit to work together!! I can't wait to talk with you!!

 If you are a holistic practitioner and you would like more information on learning how you can become a BodyMind Coach then click this link.

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