8-Week Online Master Manifestor Course!

I LOVE manifesting!! 

But, I didn't always feel that way about it!

In fact, it was more like a love-hate relationship!!

I thought I was following all the steps but, I was confused and frustrated by the lack of results that I was getting.

The thing was, I didn't fully understand the steps. 

​I could read the words but I didn't know how and where to apply AND implement them into my life so that I could get awesome results consistently!!

What I had was more information but not the know-how. What good is more information if you don't know how to use it??


I knew manifesting was a real thing.

I mean, I watched the movie "The Secret" and I had read the book, BUT I was more confused than ever!!


I could manifest a close parking spot sometimes, but, I still wasn't manifesting what I REALLY wanted. It wasn't working on the BIG stuff!!

Fast forward to today. After spending thousands of dollars and reading book after book and all the time I spent being frustrated, I have FOUND the missing pieces that are MISSING FROM EVERY OTHER RESOURCE I had come across and read!!

NOW, I have people reaching out to me on the regular wanting to know how I manifested my dream houses, the money, (I have literally had money fall from the sky and into my hands as well as show up unexpectedly in my mailbox). I manifested my amazing dream career opportunities like motivational speaking and a dream associate coach position, amazing clients, dream office space, FREE furniture (really beautiful brand, new free furniture that people compliment all the time), robotic pool vacuum, and the list goes on and on. 

Now, I want to share all that I have learned with YOU so that you can receive amazingness like this IN your life!!

I have taken all that I have learned about manifesting over these past several years and put it all into actionable steps and powerful tools that you can easily implement into your daily life, consistently!!


Let's face it you have a lot going on if this process isn't easy you aren't going to do it!! ( My kids love how easy it is too!)



I have taken all of my easy breezy actionable steps and tools AND put them into my brand new 8-week Online Master Manifestor Course!! Yes, online from the comfort of your own home! You can do this course in your pajamas.

I'm beyond excited to announce that the doors are NOW OPEN  for my Master Manifestor 8-week Online Course!!!!!!

This powerful and transformational course is THE BRIDGE that closes the gap, it fills in all the spaces, and clears up all the mystery that has been keeping you confused and preventing you from manifesting the life that you have been imagining even if you aren't exactly sure what all of those details are just yet!!

***Don't know what you would manifest or what you can ask for?

No problem, I'm going to help you get clear AND give you the how to's that will help you decide AND more importantly what it feels like to deserve what you will be manifesting!!


***Confused about what manifesting and embodiment even means and how to do it? I'm going to show you exactly what it means AND the steps of how to do it so that you can speed up your manifesting.

***You've heard you have to feel it to receive it but how do you know what that BMW or Range Rover feels like when you don't have it yet? 

No problem, I've got all of this covered and I'm going to show you how to feel that step by step, without having to buy that BMW or Range Rover first!

What I want you to hear is that I totally get it!! This was me too!!

These are the parts that confused the crap out of me.

All I wanted was for someone to "tell me what to do and I'll go do it!!! Just tell me how!!

That's why I've created this course!!

What this course does is, it bridges that gap and it finally clears up the confusion and demystifies the mystery around manifesting. 

This course has the support, the accountability, and the follow-through built-in that you need to become a Master Manifestor!!

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Uncover and shine a light on the thoughts, habits, beliefs, and patterns that are running your life on autopilot, AND keeping you from manifesting your goals, dreams, and visions!! Once you see them, you can't unsee them!! It's magic!!

  • Let go of "the how" so that you BECOME a magnet that draws everything you desire to you, FAST!!

  • Implement the Master Manifestor step by step process into your life so that you can easily manifest more time, more ease, more financial freedom, and more space in your schedule!! Consistently

  • Be and stay in the state of receiving, so that you can take inspired action and allow everything to fall into place without force. 

  • Insert into your daily life my secret tool to being a Master Manifestor so that you STOP feeling exhausted and like you have to "make things happen" all the time.

  • Use how you feel, like a compass, that guides you so that you can decide and confidently take action knowing in your bones, that your decisions are right for you! 

If you're a person that says "just tell me what to do", "just give the steps and I'll do them", then this course IS for you!!

If all of this sounds absolutely amazing and you're wondering how you can have this in your life, this course is for you!

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, then this course is for you.

Here's what you get:

💌Delivered directly to your inbox, each week for 8 weeks, you will receive a course module that is jam-packed with the tools, the how-tos and the steps that you need to learn and implement that lesson for the week. 

💌You will receive the actual tools that I use from my personal toolbox that I have learned, collected, AND implemented into my own life that plain and simple WORK!! These easy -peasy to use tools have been designed to get you amazing and transformational results in your manifesting practice, FINALLY!!

💌The steps to dig deep and uncover the beliefs that have been silently running your life so that you can kick them to the damn curb once and for all and begin to create new empowering beliefs that support YOU and your goals, dreams, and visions.

💌Now, I know that you're going to have questions so that's why I am including access to me AND my private Facebook Group, Ask, Believe, Receive! In this amazing and supportive community, you will receive personalized support and answers to your questions from me personally!! 

💌This private group also provides the space and support to help you stay accountable so that you follow-through and become a Master Manifestor! It's also a great place to share and celebrate all of the synchronicities and wins you will be experiencing. This supports the whole group so don't be shy!

💌PLUS, a BONUS module that has helped me manifest $1000.00 in less than 48 hours!! I'm including it for you for FREE!

I want to be your personal cheerleader who gives you an insane level of support so that you can create the lifelong transformation that will EMPOWER YOU and get you to your dreams and goals that you have been imagining!

If I were to add up all of the time that I spent reading, learning, and researching all things manifestation, all of the money that I have personally invested in learning and mastering the art of embodiment, this course would easily be an investment of well over $10,000!!!

But, because I want to make this an easy breezy YES for you, I am making my 8-week Online Master Manifestor Course available to you today for ONLY $297.00!!

That's a huge savings of over $9,500.00 not to mention all of the time that you will be saving because I've done the leg-work for you already!! I've alred discovered and compiled the missing pieces of manifesting!!

Now, it's just plug, and play!!

The $297.00 investment for this Master Manifestor Online Course includes:

​💌The course modules delivered directly to your inbox, each week for 8 weeks, each module that is jam-packed with everything you need including the tools, the how-tos and the steps that you need to learn and implement that lesson for the week. As soon as you sign up you get immediate access!!

💌You will receive the actual tools that I use from my personal toolbox that I have learned, collected, AND implemented into my own life that plain and simple WORK!! These easy -peasy to use tools have been designed to get you amazing and transformational results in your manifesting practice, FINALLY!

💌The steps to dig deep and uncover the beliefs that have been silently running your life so that you can kick them to the damn curb once and for all and begin to create new empowering beliefs that support YOU and your goals, dreams, and visions.

💌FREE access to me IN my private Facebook Group, Ask, Believe, Receive! In this amazing and supportive community, you will receive personalized support and answers to your questions from me personally!! The support that I'm offering in the Facebook Group alone would normally be at least $97.00 per month. If not more!! I have included it for FREE!! 

💌Another huge benefit of having the FREE Facebook Group is that it provides the support to help you stay accountable so that you follow-through and become a Master Manifestor, finally! 

💌It's also a great place to share and celebrate all of the synchronicities and wins you will be experiencing. This supports the whole group so don't be shy!

💌PLUS, an additional bonus module that has helped me manifest $1200.00 in less than 48 hours!! 

All of this awesomeness for a 1-time investment of ONLY $297.00

As soon as you sign up, you'll get immediate access to the FREE Facebook Group AND you will receive your very first module so that you can get started NOW!! 

I can't wait to see you in the Facebook Group!!

PLUS, I have a TAKE ACTION NOW BONUS for all of the action takers out there you will receive FREE, an amazing interview with the amazing Christine Tauer where we talk about how to implement your manifesting practice into your daily life PLUS many other tips and tools to support you in becoming a Master Manifestor!1

This interview is magic as it gives an amazing overview of the entire Master Manifestor course while breaking it up into digestible chunks of awesomeness!!

In this 2-part interview, you will see manifesting magic as it happens as well as see where you can JUMP-START YOUR MANIFESTING PRACTICE TODAY, RIGHT NOW with some of my powerful tips and tools that I reveal in this interview!!!!

Don't delay!! This transformational interview will be going back into my vault soon!!!!

Here's To Your Success AND TO FINALLY Being A Master Manifestor

​How long do you want to allow your circumstances and situation to dictate your choices and allow them to stop you from claiming what you want??

It's when YOU decide what you want and claim it, that your circumstances actually change!!

Let's do this!!

Master Manifestor

Certified Bodymind Master Coach

Motivational Speaker

A little bit about Laurie


Laurie is a Bodymind Coach, Master Manifestor, Speaker, and Massage Therapist who is dedicated to offering kick-ass support to her clients so that they can peel off the layers that are holding them back and weighing them down.


What Laurie knows from all of her experience is that deep down within you, underneath all of the busyness, all of the stress, all of the responsibility, and all of the go-go-go, there, are your gifts. 


Laurie uses Bodymind Coaching as the way to uncovering those truths, those gifts. 


"The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. The hunt to discover those jewels--that's creative living. - Elizabeth Gilbert


 Laurie has been married to her amazing husband Dan for over 22 years now and they have 3 amazing daughters together. They round out their family with their Black Lab Miley that they rescued 12 years ago.



Laurie enjoys everything that is outdoors where she can just be connected to nature. Living in Upstate New York, she has made the outdoors her Zen Den. She also loves reading books, being a life long learner, traveling (to Maui specifically) cooking healthy and delicious meals, and is an avid workout enthusiast.