Laurie is a Bodymind Coach, Master Manifestor, Speaker, and Massage Therapist who is dedicated to offering kick-ass support to her clients so that they can peel off the layers that are holding them back and weighing them down.


What Laurie knows from all of her experience is that deep down within you, underneath all of the busyness, all of the stress, all of the responsibility, and all of the go-go-go, there, are your gifts. 


Laurie uses Bodymind Coaching as the way to uncovering those truths, those gifts. ​


"The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. The hunt to discover those jewels--that's creative living. - Elizabeth Gilbert


Laurie has been married to her amazing husband Dan for over 22 years now and they have 3 amazing daughters together. They round out their family with their Black Lab Miley that they rescued 12 years ago.


Laurie enjoys everything that is outdoors where she can just be connected to nature. Living in Upstate New York, she has made the outdoors her Zen Den. She also loves reading books, being a life long learner, traveling (to Maui specifically) cooking healthy and delicious meals, and is an avid workout enthusiast.


I can't wait to talk to you!!

Laurie Juszkiewicz, LMT
Certified Bodymind Master Coach

I help people translate their pain, stress, and overwhelm into actionable steps to harmony, balance, and flow.

" Sometimes when things fall apart, it is the best thing that can happen. It is our refusal to let it all fall apart that is the issue. Our holding on and insistence is what holds us in the holding pattern of the same routine day in and day out, living on autopilot."


I feel so blessed to have found Laurie and her BodyMind Coaching program when I did! I was expecting my first child and had been working in an industry that did not stimulate me or provide me with any fulfillment for almost 10 years! I needed a change but was held back my own fear and mental patterns of insecurity and doubt. Working with Laurie has allowed me to free myself from the guilt I felt about not being grateful for the job that I had and allowed me to embrace, discover, and BELIEVE that my passions are what I should be cultivating and that by doing so I will bring wealth and possibility into my life like I had never knew it could! Laurie's consistent support, encouragement, and insightful nature were invaluable in making this new mindset possible for me. I  honestly can say that I am so excited about what the future holds for me!

- Meghan



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